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Birth Injuries

Can a Cooling Helmet Minimize Damage Due to Brain Injury?

The serious nature of brain injuries makes it something that many people are interested in developing effective treatments for. The approaches taken vary. A study focusing on the use of cooling to reduce the severity of such an injury is in the works… Read More

Newborns Possibly Exposed to Tuberculosis In Hospital

Soon-to-be and new parents in Connecticut may be interested in a news story about a worker in the maternity unit of a hospital in another East Coast state who tested positive for tuberculosis and may have infected patients. Tuberculosis is an airborne… Read More

Parents of birth injury victim awarded $15 million

The amount of money is not what is important, said one father recently. It is about acknowledging that a mistake was made and taking ownership of that mistake in order to hopefully prevent it from happening again. He and his wife were recently awarded… Read More

Family settles birth injury lawsuit for $5.25 million

When people are preparing for the delivery of a baby, many of them will do whatever they can to make sure that they have a healthy baby and a safe delivery. Connecticut parents will research birthing options, develop birth plans, take vitamins and do… Read More

Policy published to address home birth delivery care standards

Having a baby can be one of the most thrilling and important events in a parent's life. Soon-to-be moms and dads want to make sure that they have an effective birth plan in place so that they can do whatever is necessary to ensure a smooth and safe delivery.… Read More

Parents awarded $130 million after birth injury

One of the most miraculous times in a parent's life is when they have a baby. Having a baby can certainly be painful and frightening, but at the end of the process, the hope and expectation is that a baby will be born healthy and happy. Parents in Connecticut… Read More

The Risk of a Brachial Plexus Injury During Birth

One of the most universal concerns that soon-to-be parents have is whether their baby will be born healthy or not. Many parents go to great lengths and do anything they can to make sure a baby is born healthy, but all it takes is one mistake during delivery… Read More

Family awarded $7.05 million for errors causing baby's death

When a baby is born, parents and loved ones want to first and foremost make sure that the infant is healthy and safe. When a baby is born before it has had time to develop vital life functions and grow, it can be very worrisome for Connecticut parents.… Read More

Study: Increase in danger to babies, mothers during birth

Childbirth is an exciting and frightening experience for most parents. We hope that a baby is healthy and safe when he or she is born, however the reality is that at times, something goes wrong and a mistake is made. These errors can result in serious birth… Read More

Do antidepressants contribute to an increase in birth injuries?

Pregnant women all across Connecticut go to great lengths to ensure that their baby will be born healthy. However, this can be difficult when women do not even realize that certain behaviors and medications have an effect on an unborn child. For example,… Read More