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Boating Accidents

Another Connecticut Boating Accident

Several local news outlets have reported that 2 teenagers were critically injured Sunday while tubing behind a skiff boat (that term typically refers to a small boat).  From the Hartford Courant's report, it sounds as if the tube the girls were in struck… Read More

Proposed Boat Safety Law In Connecticut

A proposal by several state legislators may make boating safer in Connecticut. Connecticut lawmakers are pushing a bill that would tighten regulations on towing a person behind a boat. The bill would require a towing safety course before boat operators… Read More

Preparing Your Vessel for Boating Season

Boating safety is important for anyone who operates a vessel on a body of water in the state of Connecticut. Now that spring is here and temperatures are beginning to rise, it is likely that many boat owners are thinking about getting their boat into… Read More

Lightning a Risk For Boaters

Though it is currently snowy and cold in the state of Connecticut, there are likely many individuals who own boats who are dreaming about the day that the temperatures will make it possible to get back onto the water. While a favorite hobby for many,… Read More

How to Save a Life Following a Cold Water Boating Accident

In our previous post we discussed two additional risks that individuals who engage in cold water boating might face. Though hypothermia and cold shock can be deadly, if certain precautions are taken, they don’t need to be. In this post we will address… Read More

Dangers Associated With Cold Water Boating

Many people in the state of Connecticut have put their boats away for the season. There are, however still some who for a variety of reasons continue to take their boats out. For these individuals the same risks associated with boating in the summer exist.… Read More

Follow boating safety rules to make holiday weekend a safe one

With summer winding down for many in the state of Connecticut, for some, Labor Day weekend is the last time to engage in the pastime of boating. Cooler temperatures and the start of school make it harder for many residents to take to area lakes and rivers… Read More

Do you know what to do after a boating accident?

This time of year many residents of the state of Connecticut spend as much time as possible outside. For some, this entails time spent on a lake in a boat. While these excursions are usually a fun way to pass the day, as is the case with other types of… Read More

A deadly cocktail: Boating and alcohol do not mix

As the summer heats up, many Connecticut residents might be eager to enjoy boating as a pastime. After all, spending time on the water is a great way to stay cool while the weather swelters. Even though boating can be fun, it's also a major responsibility. Many… Read More

Settlement Reached in Connecticut Boat Accident

Heading out to the waters can be a dangerous venture for many people. Boaters may be in danger of unfavorable weather conditions and reckless behavior of others. A lawsuit was filed against a boating company and boating operator following a deadly accident… Read More