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Brain Injuries

Brain injury suffered in hospital could result in med mal award

In most cases the birth of a child is one of the most excited times in a person’s life. While it is of course tragic whenever anyone suffers a health issue, it is that much worse when the person experiencing this is a newborn child. When it is negligence… Read More

Study focuses on role family can play in brain injury recovery

There is no question that a brain injury is one of the most serious injuries that someone could face. While in some cases individuals can recover fairly quickly, other times it can take longer. Some even end up in a coma for a period of time. Throughout… Read More

Former WWE wrestlers file lawsuit for concussions suffered

Head injuries that lead to lawsuits can happen in a variety of settings. The lawsuit recently filed by to professional wrestlers illustrates this. The men filed the lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment, the business they wrestled for. In the… Read More

Jury awards $18M to parents of child injured during birth

There are many ways that people of all ages might suffer a brain injury. An elderly person might fall and hit their head. A middle-aged person might receive one in a car accident. Some babies suffer brain injuries in the process of being born. These birth… Read More

Diagnosis of condition important part of treatment

When it comes to treating an injury to a child, the approach is not always the same as for adults. Tools used when assessing adults may in fact do more harm in the long run to children. One situation where this may be the case is where blunt head trauma… Read More

Are brain injuries to blame for violent behavior?

By now it is likely that even those who are not fans of professional football have heard about the domestic abuse charges a couple of popular players are currently facing. While the ramifications for those alleged violent acts are playing out both in… Read More

Wearing a bicycle helmet reduces risk of brain injury

Throughout the nation many people rely upon bicycles both for transportation as well as recreation. The National Safety Council estimates that between 73 to 85 million people enjoy the activity. While good for one’s health, it can also be dangerous when… Read More

Research gives hope to stem cell treatment for cerebral palsy

Welcoming a newborn baby into the family is a very exciting prospect. Unfortunately, some parents' excitement quickly turns to fear when birth complications arise. From time to time, medical errors can lead to birth injuries. One of the most common birth… Read More

Child born with disability, EC jury awards $21 million

The day a child is born is supposed to be a day filled with joy, excitement and wonderful plans for the future. Parents should look down at their newborn baby and the only worries should be whether the car seat has been installed properly, whether there… Read More