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Car Accidents

Staying Safe on Holiday Weekends

Heading into the Fourth of July weekend, it’s important to keep safety at the front of your mind. There’s always an uptick in car crashes on holiday weekends, and while some of that is due to the greater number of cars on the road, you should also be… Read More

Stay Safe In Connecticut This Summer

The official start of summer is right around the corner, and the weather’s already starting to heat up. Here are a few tips from D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC to help prevent car accidents and stay safe on the road all summer long. Before you go: Make… Read More

Types of Neck and Shoulder Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

There are several areas of the body that are at high-risk of injury during a car accident, including your neck and shoulders. Injuries to these areas of the body may cause you to develop temporary or permanent disability. If you suffered an injury in… Read More

What You Need to Know About Rear-End Car Accidents

Rear-end car accidents are a common type of traffic collision – in 2015, rear-end crashes made up more than 33 percent of crashes, according to the Insurance Information Institute. These collisions often happen suddenly and without warning and can result… Read More

Safe Driving Tips for the Winter Season

Although many people look forward to the winter season, inclement weather and increased holiday traffic can make roadways dangerous in Connecticut. To stay safe while driving during winter weather, it is vital that motorists take several precautions to… Read More

Filing a Personal Injury Claim as a Passenger Injured in an Auto Accident

Although car accident claims are often filed by the vehicles’ drivers, passengers may also file a personal injury claim if they are injured in the collision. However, many people might be unaware of their rights as a passenger after being injured in… Read More

What Should I Say to an Insurance Adjuster After a Car Accident?

After an auto accident, victims may be contacted by an insurance adjuster who works for the insurer that covers the at-fault party. When this occurs, it is important to understand your rights after filing a personal injury claim and what you should to… Read More

Types of Car Accident Claims

Car accidents can happen in a variety of ways, with some resulting in minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises, while others may cause injuries resulting in permanent damage. However, every type of car accident can result in a serious injury.   If you… Read More

How to Handle Back Injuries from Car Accidents

Car accidents happen every day. Some of them result in severe injuries, and some result in no injuries at all. Some of the most common injuries are back injuries, which can be painful and debilitating. If you have been injured in a car accident, make… Read More

How to Avoid Accidents in the Snow

More than 1,300 people are killed and more than 116,000 suffer injuries in automotive accidents because of snowy, icy or slushy roadways every year, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration. Connecticut is known… Read More