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Child Custody

Paternity the first step in establishing child custody or support

When a marriage involving children ends, child custody and support matters need to be addressed. This is not the only situation in which these issues could arise however. They are relevant any time a couple has a relationship that results in the birth… Read More

When parents can't reach custody agreement courts will intervene

Child custody matters can impact parents not only in the case of divorce but when the couple is unmarried as well. While in the latter situation paternity may first need to be established, from that point on the process will more or less be the same in… Read More

Custody arrangement important when couples with kids splits

When children are the product of a relationship between a couple, if the relationship ends who the children will live with following the split, is often one of the most contentious issues. This is true regardless of whether the couple was ever married.… Read More

Child custody matter diverts plane back to airport

Working though child custody matters to reach an agreement can be a stressful process. That stress does not necessary end after an agreement has been finalized. Custody battles may arise out of violations of that agreement. These violations can take many… Read More

Can Connecticut parents move with a child custody order in place?

Today's professional world is incredibly mobile. People no longer stay with the same employer for decades. At the same time, a person may be asked to pick up and move to a new city for work purposes. Although this may seem like an exciting opportunity… Read More

Child custody: Balancing parental rights and kids' best interests

No matter what, divorce introduces change into families. Of course, some of these changes are easier to sort out than others. For married couples who have children together, settling issues of child custody and visitation can be difficult. Well-intentioned… Read More

Single fathers should feel comfortable asking for custody

Not that long ago, the thought of a single father raising his children alone was something suspicious, something to be pitied and something decidedly unnatural. Even Hollywood bought into the belief that children need mothers, showing widowers struggling… Read More

Two boys in alleged international abduction reunited with fathers

Connecticut parents may have heard the story about two children who were reunited with their fathers on Dec. 28 after the boys' mother was charged with their abduction. The mother had taken the children (who have different fathers) to Europe for what… Read More

New task force looking into child custody issues

Connecticut has put together a special group to help address parents' growing concerns regarding the cost of pursuing child custody cases. The group is expected to look into issues regarding child custody cases, including the costs associated with litigation… Read More

Foul: Did former NBA star Allen Iverson abduct his five children?

We often use this blog to discuss the many challenges that parents face during a divorce. This can often involve finding an agreeable solution to child custody arrangements. People spend a lot of time and emotion figuring out what works best for the parents… Read More