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Divorce Mediation

In divorce situations involving children mediation may be best

When it comes to divorce, there are many situations in which mediation could be the best option. Certainly one of those situations is when the divorcing couple has children to consider. While children are often resilient, the changes associated with divorcing… Read More

Here's why divorce mediation might be good for you

There are multiple reasons why mediating a divorce could be a good idea for residents of the state of Connecticut. This approach, which employs cooperative problem solving, often leaves all parties involved with a satisfactory outcome. The first is that… Read More

Financial considerations to keep in mind when divorcing

When in a difficult situation, for many people there is a natural inclination to do whatever is necessary to get out of it as quickly as possible. While in some instances this is a good approach, in others it is better to take one’s time. Divorce may… Read More

Is divorce mediation right for you?

There is no question that for some people divorce will rank as one of the most stressful things they experience in their life. This is not always the case however. In some cases couples choose mediation to resolve the matters that need to be determined… Read More

What happens during divorce mediation?

Divorce has a popular reputation for being a lengthy and challenging legal process involving a bitter court battle. In reality, however, many divorce cases are never litigated in a courtroom; rather, couples choose to settle out of court. Still, divorce… Read More

Examining the difference between litigated and mediated divorce

Popular depictions of divorce are usually quite dramatic. As a result, people's frame of reference for divorce is a drawn-out and contentious process. Of course, this may cause individuals to hesitate, even though they know that divorce is the best option.… Read More

Small mistakes during divorce mediation could cost a lot

Many people in Torrington think of divorce as an emotional, bitter and sometimes downright hostile process. For some marriages, that is true, but for many others in Connecticut, it is just as possible for divorcing spouses to work with family law lawyers… Read More

1970s music icons file for divorce

Though they sang "Love Will Keep Us Together," The Captain and Tennille are headed toward divorce. The 1970s Grammy-award winning artists have retired to Arizona, but their songs have been loved by many in Connecticut. As they got older, they started… Read More