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Doctor Errors

Report: Angry doctors and nurses affecting patient care

People have long been told of the stress and anxiety that doctors and nurses feel on the job. Sleep deprivation and huge workloads often contribute to their tension, making some doctors angry and irritated. Unfortunately, these emotions can affect the… Read More

Patients often not informed of hospital medication errors

Hospital patients should be able to trust the care they receive will keep them safe and be in their best interest. Yet a recent study revealed that errors in medication given to hospital patients do occur and in rare cases, can be serious or fatal. People… Read More

Pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan files $50 million malpractice lawsuit

There are a number of forms that medical negligence can take. Some of them are relatively small errors while others can have permanent or fatal consequences. In other cases, doctors purposefully mislead patients in regards to surgical procedures and the… Read More

Alarming amount of medical malpractice in military

Most civilians aren't aware of the Feres Doctrine, a 1950 Supreme Court ruling that prohibits those serving in the military from suing the government for medical errors committed by military doctors. In civilian cases involving a doctor error or medical… Read More

Are older doctors at a higher risk for making mistakes?

We have often heard statistics that suggest that younger, newer doctors may not be as experienced or focused as older doctors. Many patients who have to go to the hospital prefer an older doctor who has performed a procedure a higher number of times or… Read More

Wrong knee anesthetized for surgery in Connecticut

Going to the hospital for surgery can be a very stressful situation for people. It is often the most important event on a person's mind and we would like to think the hospital staff is similarly focused on helping that person feel better. Even with the… Read More

Advanced technology continues to fail in practice

In the medical and health fields, people often applaud new technologies and new processes aimed at improving a patient's health and medical treatments. However, much like a medication or surgical procedure, new technologies may only be as good as those… Read More

Why it's good news that some hospitals are reporting more errors

Going to the hospital for any type of medical procedure is worrisome for many patients in Connecticut. Patients place a great deal of trust in doctors and nurses and expect that in return they will receive excellent care. Even though medical professionals… Read More

Family says medication error caused 16-year-old daughter's death

Medical errors that cause great harm to patients can take many forms. Some mistakes cause only minor injuries, but other errors result in permanent disability and even death. With these dire issues in mind, Connecticut residents may take interest in a… Read More