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Doctor Errors

Doctors in Connecticut may not report the mistakes of others

While most doctors agree that healthcare providers have a responsibility to admit their own mistakes to patients, many tend to stay silent regarding the errors of others. A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests several… Read More

Doctor errors can cause permanent injuries

People in Connecticut may have recently seen news reports about a serious doctor error in another part of the country. According to a medical malpractice suit filed on Sept. 30, an Ohio woman was injured when her doctor mistakenly sprayed a mixture containing… Read More

Woman sues Connecticut psychiatrist alleging misconduct

According to a recent news report, a Connecticut woman has brought a lawsuit against her Milford psychiatrist. Prior to the lawsuit, the doctor was fined $15,000 by the Connecticut Medical Examining Board as a result of a complaint by the same woman.… Read More

A-Rod sues Yankees, team doctor for alleged medical malpractice

Connecticut fans of New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez watched the drama unfold again as he unloaded another shotgun blast of legal action, this time aimed at the team doctor and the hospital where he got an MRI on his hip in 2012. Claiming medical… Read More

Studies reveal high number of malpractice deaths

Research published in September revealed that between 210,000 and 440,000 patient deaths that occur annually in the U.S. can be attributed to medical errors. According to the Journal of Patient Safety, poor hospital care and medical malpractice were shown… Read More

Doctors and nurses underreport their mistakes

A medical error represents a consequence of the medical practice that health care professionals most fear. The Institute of Medicine released the results of a study that revealed approximately 75,000 unnecessary deaths that occur annually in the United… Read More

Electronic health records can cause medical errors

Many health care providers in Connecticut and across the country have embraced technology and adopted electronic systems for their records. While electronic health records often increase efficiency and accuracy in health care, they can still lead to errors… Read More

There are 1 million medication errors every year

Connecticut residents may be interested to learn about the serious problem of medication errors. Every year, there are around 1 million doctor errors that lead to mistakes with patient medication. Whether patients receive the wrong dosage of their medication… Read More

Doctor argues wrong-site surgery was justified

There are very few, if any, scenarios in which operating on the wrong body part during a surgery is considered understandable. It seems like identifying the correct body part should be the easiest step of a procedure. But unfortunately, there are many… Read More

Woman wakes up during surgery to harvest her organs

A recent news story sounds a lot more like a summer blockbuster movie plot than a very true situation highlighting a very serious doctor error. A woman had reportedly slipped into a coma and doctors pronounced her dead, even though she was actually still… Read More