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Failure To Diagnose

Study: Missed diagnoses commonly cited in malpractice claims

Dealing with health issues can be very stressful, especially when a person does not understand what exactly the cause of the problem is. In general, we go to the doctor and maybe take some tests and we expect to receive a diagnosis. Once the cause of… Read More

Diagnostic errors are more common than many people realize

One of the most frightening experiences that a person can go through is being sick and not knowing why. We go to the doctor and hope to get some information on what is wrong and how we can treat an ailment, but this does not always happen. In fact, in… Read More

9 years after misdiagnosis, victim wins malpractice suit

In March 2004, a woman went to see a doctor after she had been suffering from a variety of health concerns. The doctor gave the woman a devastating diagnosis that no one wants to ever hear: She had terminal cancer. The problem, however, was that the woman… Read More

Diagnosis of pediatric strokes can be missed or delayed

When a child is sick, parents are often very worried and looking for answers. They bring their child to the hospital with the expectation that the doctors and nurses will be able to diagnose what is affecting their child and treat it effectively. Too… Read More

Couple sues for failure to diagnose cancer

Cancer is one of the most common and fatal diseases in our modern world. As more Connecticut residents are affected by the disease, experts say that medical malpractice suits may rise for oncologists and other related physicians. This is because doctors… Read More

Why ruling out medical issues is not the same diagnosing them

In an ideal situation, a person who is not feeling well will go to the doctor, learn what medical condition is causing his or her suffering and then be given the proper medication to treat the illness. In reality, unfortunately, many hospitals and doctors… Read More

Miscommunication, Misdiagnosis Blamed in Young Boy's Death

A parent with a sick child is understandably distraught and worried until their young one starts feeling better. Many parents will go to great lengths to secure a diagnosis and treatment plan so that they can help their child. However, parents can only… Read More

Lawsuit: Doctor failed to diagnose abdominal problems

For people without a medical license and years of training and schooling in medicine, we must rely on those who do when we are sick. We assume that doctors will listen to our health-related problems, use their experience and resources to determine the… Read More

Mishandled DNA tests can lead to failure to diagnose cancer

Advancements in medical technology have made it easier to diagnose serious diseases like cancer and blood disorders. However, even the most advanced medical tool can fail if the health care professional using it mishandles it or misinterprets the results… Read More

Misdiagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in Adult Patients

Connecticut residents dealing with unrelenting symptoms may wish to consult multiple medical providers. A second, third, or even fourth opinion can help patients determine whether misdiagnosis is the reason their symptoms have not gone away with treatment. If… Read More