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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Steps to take in the aftermath of a fatal car accident

Few things in life are entirely predictable, so people expect to encounter twists and turns every so often. However, nothing can prepare a person to deal with the sudden loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident. At this point, close relatives of… Read More

Connecticut officials investigate fatal accident

Fatal accidents are emotionally devastating for family members and close loved ones. Authorities are still investigating a crash that killed one person and injured another. The fatal accident occurred on our Connecticut roadways and involved two vehicles… Read More

Connecticut motorcyclist dies in fatal accident

Tragically, motorcycle accidents occur far too often on our Connecticut roadways, as one recent case shows. This fatal accident has claimed the life of a 73-year-old man. The driver was arrested and placed in a Connecticut jail facility. He was charged… Read More

Connecticut woman dies in fatal accident and driver arrested

A deadly accident can occur within a short time frame due to the recklessness of another motorist. A recent car accident claimed the life of a 70-year-old woman. The fatal accident happened as the woman was attempting to cross a Connecticut roadway. The… Read More

CT Wrong-Way Driver Sentenced in Fatal Accident

The negligent and reckless acts of one person can certainly prove deadly for others. A 2012 fatal accident claimed the life of a 24-year-old man and caused multiple injuries to another. Now, the Connecticut driver that was allegedly responsible has been… Read More

Connecticut teacher dies in fatal accident with school bus

Authorities are in the midst of investigating an accident between a school bus and a sedan. Reportedly, a Connecticut teacher was killed in the fatal accident in the early morning hour commute. As part of the investigation, authorities checked the bus… Read More

University of Connecticut player involved in fatal car crash

In the wake of a serious car accident, there are often more questions than answers. People want to know what went wrong, who was at fault and what the extent of damage actually is. News stories offer little more than preliminary and scarce details, but… Read More

Are states getting complacent in traffic safety laws?

It should be a good thing when reports indicate that fatal car accidents across the country have declined for nearly the past decade. However, steady declines in car accident rates have made state lawmakers complacent, according to a report from Advocates… Read More

Driver in hit-and-run accident identified, arrested

Many people read about car accidents in New Haven and other parts of Connecticut in the news and assume that it could never happen to them. Others may think that if they are in an accident, it may only result in a few bumps and bruises, or a quick checkup… Read More

Who is at fault in a Connecticut fatal drunk driving accident?

Accidents caused by a drunk driver are completely preventable. An intoxicated person can choose to not drive and put others in danger. Victims of these kinds of accidents, however, can do little in the way of avoiding these crashes because drunk drivers… Read More