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Motorcycle Accidents

6 Important Connecticut Motorcycle Laws

Although riding a motorcycle brings the freedom and joy of the open road, it can also be very risky, as motorcycles lack the many protections offered by traditional passenger vehicles. Because of this, there are several important motorcycle laws in Connecticut… Read More

Motorcycle Rider Critically Injured in Route 1 Accident

A motorcyclist suffered life-threatening injuries after he was hit by a car on East Main Street, also known as Route 1, on Sunday afternoon. The victim was heading west on Route 1 on his Harley Davidson motorcycle when he was hit by a car as it made… Read More

Riding motorcycles safely

There is no question that anyone who operates any type of vehicle should take steps to ensure they are doing so in a safe manner. This may be particularly true for those who enjoy riding motorcycles. While it is possible for anyone involved in a crash… Read More

Warmer Weather Alert: Share The Road With Motorcyclists

While Motorcycle Safety Awareness month is not officially until May, there are good chances the weather will be warm enough to ride in Connecticut well before then. For drivers, warmer temperatures mean more motorcyclists to be on the lookout for.  When… Read More

Careless Lane Changes by Drivers Can Lead to Motorcycle Accidents

There are all manner of different circumstances under which motorcycle accidents can occur. Sometimes, such accidents come about from a motorcycle being struck by a motor vehicle that is changing lanes. These sorts of motorcycle accidents sometimes are… Read More

Make Motorcycle Safety a Priority in The Off Season

Though most motorcyclists in the state of Connecticut have not been on their bikes for months, it is likely many are counting the days until they can pull them out again. While currently they cannot take to the roads for long rides, they can prepare for… Read More

V2V Communication for Possible use With Motorcycles

When it comes to motorcycle safety it is fair to say that those who engage in the activity welcome any technology that could make the activity safer. One technology that is currently being worked on that could make a difference is vehicle-to-vehicle communication. This… Read More

Motorcyclist Critically Injured in Bridgeport Crash

At around 7 a.m. on Oct. 28, a motorcyclist was critically injured while riding his bike in the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport. The rider was hit on Fairfield Avenue near Whittier Street during the morning rush hour. The identity of the victim… Read More

Product Defect Could be to Blame in Motorcycle Accidents

When it comes to causes of motor vehicle accidents, driver error is often to blame. This is true regardless of the type of vehicle involved, including motorcycles. There are however other factors that may contribute to a crash occurring. One of these… Read More

Who's At Fault? Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

When a motorcycle and passenger vehicle collide, no matter the circumstances, it is likely that the motorcyclist will be injured, simply because a motorcycle does not provide as much protection as a car does in a crash. In an attempt to reduce the severity… Read More