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Nursing Home Neglect

7 Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect too often goes unnoticed, compromising the health, safety and happiness of residents. Knowing the warning signs to look for will help you uncover nursing home neglect and take action against negligent caregivers to protect your loved… Read More

Five Connecticut Nursing Homes Fined for Negligence

This summer, five Connecticut nursing homes were fined a minimum of $1,500 for neglecting residents and allowing serious injuries, including one death. Last month, state health officials fined Gardner Heights Health Care Center $3,000 after a resident… Read More

Nursing Homes Being Accused of Patient Dumping

Elder abuse advocates are accusing nursing homes of a practice called "patient dumping," wherein those who are most vulnerable are being evicted from facilities. Resident allies who spoke with the Associated Press suggest that nursing home residents… Read More

Five Connecticut Nursing Homes Cited for Abuse and Neglect

The Connecticut Department of Public Health has fined seven nursing homes throughout Connecticut at least $1,200 for incidents that include verbal abuse, medication errors and injuries. Madison House in Madison was fined nearly $4,000 for citations in… Read More

Nursing Home Murder Case Could Make Way for Arbitration Cases

One month after celebrating her 100th birthday, a woman was murdered by her roommate at Brandon Woods nursing home in South Dartmouth, Mass. Now, her son will go before a state court and argue that the arbitration agreement he signed should not be upheld… Read More

Incidents of nursing home neglect result in fines to facility

When it becomes necessary to place a loved one in a nursing home, the task of finding a place for that person to live can be long and difficult. There is an assumption that many may have that after putting in time and energy to find a place that seems… Read More

In cases of nursing home neglect fines often not enough

There is no question that nursing homes fulfill a need in today’s society. As the baby boomer generation continues to grow older, they, as well as family members, begin to contemplate what their living arrangements will look like. While the answer of… Read More

Death in elderly often the result of falls

Nursing home neglect can take many forms and result in multiple outcomes. It is possible that the failure to properly monitor a nursing home resident could lead to a resident injuring him or herself in a fall. While a fall may not impact younger individuals… Read More

Do you know what constitutes nursing home abuse or neglect?

Most residents would likely agree that even one occurrence of nursing home neglect or abuse is one too many. To try to prevent activities considered to be negligent or abusive, regulations regarding the matter have been adopted at the federal and levels.… Read More

Low staffing levels could lead to problems in nursing homes

It is likely that many people who place loved ones in a nursing home do so because they feel it is the best way to ensure that they are getting the care they need. That belief could be based upon many things including the services offered at the facility,… Read More