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Pedestrian Accidents

One Pedestrian Killed, One Injured After Being Hit by Car in Pomfret

Two pedestrians were hit by a car in a fatal crash on Route 44 in Pomfret on Tuesday night, according to state police. A 35-year-old woman was killed and a 16-year-old was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. Police said the victims… Read More

Car Hits and Kills 42-year-old Pedestrian in New Haven

A 42-year-old pedestrian from Waterbury was struck and killed in a fatal accident on Tuesday afternoon in New Haven. The woman was on the sidewalk at the corner of York Street and South Frontage Road when she was struck by a car and killed. The car… Read More

5 Safety Tips for Connecticut Pedestrians

The rising temperatures in Watertown and throughout Connecticut signal that spring has finally returned to our state. As the weather continues to improve, it's likely that foot traffic around town will pick up. Because pedestrians share the road with… Read More

Drunk Driving May Have Contributed to Pedestrian Accident

In our last post we wrote about pedestrian accidents in the state of Connecticut. In that post road design was cited as one reason for this type of accident occurring. As is the case with any accident involving motor vehicles however, there are many reasons… Read More

Report: Pedestrian Safety Still a Concern in Connecticut

A report that was recently released by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign revealed that 99 pedestrians in Connecticut were killed between 2011 and 2013. Twenty-four of the pedestrian deaths occurred in New Haven County, the report indicated. Interestingly,… Read More

Injuries Suffered in Pedestrian Accident Can Be Serious

Pedestrians are commonly seen throughout the state of Connecticut. Whether someone is out walking for enjoyment, exercise or transportation, the apparel they sport is generally similar in that protective equipment is not used. When a vehicle strikes a… Read More

As Popularity of Biking Grows Throughout Nation So Too Do Deaths

Individuals who are struck by cars while walking are not the only type of pedestrian that could find they are injured in such an accident. Bicyclists too can be hurt when a motor vehicle hits them. While the number of bicyclists who take to the road this… Read More

Connecticut Runner Struck, Killed by Snow Plow

In earlier posts we covered the issue of pedestrian safety during winter weather. Those posts focused on things that both drivers and pedestrians could do to try to reduce the risk of such an incident occurring. Winter weather conditions appear to have… Read More

Could Changes to Traffic Signals Decrease Pedestrian Accidents?

As is the case with any motor vehicle accident there are multiple reasons why such an incident could occur. This is also the case where pedestrian accidents are concerned. One situation that is commonly present when a pedestrian accident occurs is a vehicle… Read More

Fatal Pedestrian Accident Could Result in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Facing the death of a loved one is usually a difficult thing for most. When that person’s death is sudden and unexpected another layer of emotion is added to that difficulty. When it is the result of an action taken on the part of another person, it is… Read More