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Premises Liability

Jury duty is one of the cornerstones of a free society.

Excited for jury duty! Truly, a privilege. The right to trial by jury is firmly enshrined in the Connecticut's Constitution. Section 19 of article first of the Connecticut constitution, as amended by article fourth, provides in part that the “right… Read More

Store May Be Liable When Patron is Hurt on The Premises

Most people probably do not think about being injured while shopping. Whether one thinks about it or not, it nonetheless does occur at retailers throughout the nation. Sometimes a patron will slip and fall on a wet spot on the floor. Other times they… Read More

Dangers on Stairways

There are a wide range of things that could cause a stairway to become dangerous. One is the stairway not having a proper design. Some examples of design mistakes that could make a stairway unsafe include: the stairway not being up to code, the stair… Read More

Hurt in a Fall at a Store? You May Have Legal Options

Trips to a grocery store are a chore that most people in the state of Connecticut undertake each week. While this is often an uneventful activity, in certain situations it is possible that someone might hurt themselves at a store. The incident most likely… Read More

When are Property Owners Liable For Accidents?

Getting injured is never convenient. However, finding out that the injury-causing incident could have been prevented understandably adds a layer of frustration. This may be the experience for those who are injured as the result of negligence on the part… Read More

Before the fun begins, pool owners should mind safety regulations

Now that summer is officially here, many people are probably looking for ways to beat the heat. Having access to a swimming pool can be a great way to stay while having fun. Even though owning a pool can keep friends and family entertained, it's also… Read More

Manchester Settles With Family Over School Drowning

Parents in Connecticut expect that our schools will be safe; that children will be able to go about their days without having to be hypervigilant about their safety. There are, of course, risks associated with going into a public building, but it is that… Read More

Family Sues Hotel After Window Falls and Injures Guest

When someone in Waterbury goes to a store, a restaurant or some other kind of private property open to the public, there is an expectation that the premises will be safe. So, what happens when someone is hurt? Oftentimes, the individual will file a premises… Read More