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Product Liability

Volkswagen Hires Kenneth Feinberg to Handle Diesel Emissions Claims

In anticipation of around half a million claims over its emission scandal, Volkswagen (VW) has hired attorney Kenneth Feinberg to handle a compensation fund. Feinberg achieved national notoriety after overseeing 9/11 victims compensation claims and claims… Read More

Olympus Medical Scope Linked to Superbug Outbreaks, Deaths

A commonly used medical scope is at the center of a controversy involving superbugs, patient deaths and a corporate cover-up by medical device manufacturer Olympus. The medical scopes at question are small cameras attached to flexible tubes that can… Read More

Protective Orders Hide Defective Product Hazards from Public

The abuse of protective orders in court cases has recently come under fire from legal ethics advocates. In a large number of defective product lawsuits, companies seek the orders to seal what they claim are trade secret records from the public. But this… Read More

Superbug Outbreak from Redesigned Duodenoscope

Two recent news items serve as gruesome reminders of the need for meaningful punitive damages against mega-corporations that recklessly or knowingly allow their defective products to hurt people. In the first story CNN reported that Olympus started selling… Read More

Laparoscopic Power Morcellators Pose Serious Risk of Spreading Unsuspected Cancer

Wall Street Journal reports that doctors across the country continue to use a gynecological tool, called a morcellator, to remove common benign uterine growths called fibroids even after the FDA warned, this past April that it can spread undetected cancer. Laparoscopic… Read More

Judicial secrecy regarding consumer product safety complaint challenged

The Kansas City Star reports on an appeal by consumer and media organizations in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (one of twelve regional appellate courts within the federal judicial system) related to a product safety and business… Read More

Tubing Crash at Woodbury Ski Area Injures 5

On New Years Day, 5 people were sent to the hospital with serious neck, back and head injuries after an inner tube being towed up the mountain broke free from the cable, causing it to slam into the base of the lift at the bottom of the hill.   The crash… Read More

Inquiry Into Bed Rails Following Dozens of Deaths and Thousands of Injuries to Older Adults

Bed rails are the metal bars used on hospital beds and in nursing homes to prevent people from rolling out of bed and to assist patients in pulling themselves up.  These devices can cause serious injuries or even death however, when patients become trapped… Read More

Synthes' Deadly Decision to Test Norian XR Bone Cement on People

Fortune magazine has posted on its blog an in-depth story, "Bad to the bone: A medical horror story," about the immoral and criminal decision by medical device company Synthes to illegally test a bone cement on people, resulting in a still unknown number… Read More

Don't Hate Ralph Nader, A Shining Example to Plaintiff's Trial Lawyers

Ron Rosenbaum wrote an excellent column in Slate a couple of months ago arguing that Ralph Nader is still a hero notwithstanding the unfair criticism he continues to receive for his role in George W. Bush's winning the 2000 presidential election.   Rosenbaum… Read More