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Property Division

Dividing assets during a divorce in Connecticut

Outside of decisions related to child custody and visitation, asset division during a divorce tends to be the most contentious part of ending a marriage. Someone's future can be greatly impacted by the outcome of this process, and many marital assets have… Read More

Few options for name-removal from mortgage

Connecticut residents who are in the process of divorcing may be interested in what they can do in the situation of needing to have a name removed from a mortgage. Property settlement agreements that leave a house and its mortgage with one of the spouses… Read More

Murdoch divorce pending

Connecticut spouses may squabble over their assets while they are divorcing, but most don't have to worry about how to decide who gets a mansion worth close to $100 million. However, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his third wife recently had to grapple… Read More

Social Security benefits and divorce

Divorced Connecticut readers may be interested to know that Social Security often provides ex-spouses with the possibility of benefits based on their ex-husband or ex-wife's work record. There are certain criteria that must be met to satisfy government… Read More

Long-term separations and divorce

Connecticut couples who are in long-term separations and putting off filing for divorce may find themselves adversely affected by failing to take action. Informal lengthy separations can cause significant financial repercussions to one or both spouses,… Read More

How postnuptial agreements can help protect assets

When two people get married, the last thing on their minds is probably the possibility that they may ultimately get divorced. Connecticut couples may be so busy planning a wedding that they may let the chance to plan for their individual futures slide… Read More

Don't forget about insurance policies during division of assets

The decision to end a marriage is often fraught with high levels of emotion from both spouses. There may anger, sadness or hurt feelings to contend with which may make some aspects of finalizing a divorce even harder. During the divorce process, there… Read More

Could this become the largest divorce settlement in U.S. history?

People in Connecticut generally do not have billions of dollars, sophisticated estates and multiple properties at their disposal. However, this is not to say that more modest assets are any less significant. This can be especially true when a couple decides… Read More

Don't let your ex hide money during your divorce

Divorces are not just about ending a marriage to sever emotional ties. Both parties need to think about their financial futures, much of which can be decided by the divorce decree. Connecticut spouses who are going through a divorce need to know about… Read More

Finances, asset division major issues for many divorcing couples

At the point when a couple has decided to divorce and go their separate ways, their feelings towards each other can often be quite negative. Divorcing couples may be bitter, angry and hurt when they are ending a marriage and many people are focused on… Read More