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Surgical Errors

Various programs employed to try to reduce surgical errors

Whether we want to think about it or not, all surgical procedures can be risky—even the most minor. Human error during an operation can lead to serious injuries and in the worst cases even death. In addition to foreign objects being left in the body of… Read More

Could surgical 'black box' reduce errors in surgery?

When it comes to undergoing an operation, there are many things that could go wrong. Research conducted by one surgeon indicates that an average of 20 errors occur during every surgery.  Sometimes the wrong procedure is performed. Other times a vital… Read More

Post-surgery infections are a wild card at outpatient facilities

The health care industry has changed over the last several decades in so many ways. Beyond expanded capabilities in medical diagnosis and treatment, the types of facilities offering care have also changed. According to a report from Scientific American,… Read More

Are surgeons giving living donors enough information?

It takes a brave person to be willing to go under the knife for a relative, friend or total stranger. To give someone a kidney or part of a liver as a live donor is incredibly compassionate, but it is a gift that comes with risk. Any surgery, whether… Read More

Da Vinci Surgical System controversy

Recent warnings about robotic surgery have been linked to several injuries and deaths. The da Vinci robotic surgery system is reported to allow the surgeons to perform more complex procedures with fewer incisions. Both manufacturer of the da Vinci robotic… Read More

Tonsil surgery leaves teen brain dead

This story took place miles away from Connecticut but could have happened anywhere: On Monday, Dec. 9, a girl went into Oakland Children's Hospital for routine tonsil surgery. The surgery was an effort to relieve her sleep apnea. A few days later, the… Read More

Simulators help train doctors

In a study that could affect how medicine is practiced in Connecticut and across the nation, doctors at the University of Minnesota are using simulators to practice surgical techniques. Software updates are bringing technology to medical students through… Read More

Veteran paralyzed by VA hospital wins $8.3M in lawsuit

In 2013, a hospital run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which maintains facilities in Connecticut and other states, was made the target of a lawsuit brought by an Army veteran. In 2009, the man, who was 43 years old at the time, underwent… Read More

Nearly 800 items left in patients

A new report from The Joint Commission may alarm some Connecticut residents. According to the nonprofit healthcare watchdog, surgical errors have led to nearly 800 surgical items being left in patients since 2005. In 772 instances, items like surgical… Read More

Stent overuse leads to injuries and death

Connecticut residents, particularly cardiac patients and their families, might be interested to learn of a growing medical controversy. Some recent lawsuits have brought to light the effects of unnecessary stenting. Stents, which are a device made of… Read More