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Mattel Issues Recall of All Rock ‘N Play Sleepers, which are Linked to 32 Infant Deaths

Last Friday, Mattel voluntarily decided to recall all Rock ‘n Play Sleepers (4.7 million units) due to 32 infant deaths linked to the product. The recall announcement instructs parents to immediately stop using all models of the product. The recall comes… Read More

Strategies Used by Nursing Home Staff Members to Conceal Neglect and Abuse

One thing victims and families of victims of nursing home abuse may encounter is staff members at the facility attempting to cover it up. This can be one of the big challenges of pursuing a nursing home abuse case. When perpetrators, administrators, staff… Read More

Challenges for Truck Drivers that Increase Their Risk of an Accident

One of the main causes of truck accidents is negligent driving by the person behind the wheel of the truck. There are many risk factors for truck drivers that make them more likely to cause an accident. Below, learn more about the challenges faced by… Read More

Centers for Disease Control to Study Health Risks of E-Scooters after Numerous Injuries in Texas

Three epidemiologists from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been conducting a study of e-scooter accidents and injuries in Austin, Texas since December. Austin city leaders asked for the investigation because of the high… Read More

Nursing Home Residents Who Have a High Risk of Being Abused

Any nursing home resident could suffer physical, verbal or psychological abuse, no matter how healthy he or she is. However, some residents have a higher risk of being abused because of their physical or cognitive limitations. Family members of these… Read More

Types of Neck and Shoulder Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

There are several areas of the body that are at high-risk of injury during a car accident, including your neck and shoulders. Injuries to these areas of the body may cause you to develop temporary or permanent disability. If you suffered an injury in… Read More

What You Need to Know About Rear-End Car Accidents

Rear-end car accidents are a common type of traffic collision – in 2015, rear-end crashes made up more than 33 percent of crashes, according to the Insurance Information Institute. These collisions often happen suddenly and without warning and can result… Read More

Can a Nursing Home Be Held Liable for Abuse or Neglect?

Nursing homes have an obligation to ensure the patients under their care are receiving the treatment they require. If a resident is deprived of the treatment he or she needs, it may result in the resident suffering serious injury or death. Depending on… Read More

Safe Driving Tips for the Winter Season

Although many people look forward to the winter season, inclement weather and increased holiday traffic can make roadways dangerous in Connecticut. To stay safe while driving during winter weather, it is vital that motorists take several precautions to… Read More

Child Advocate Report Examines Historic Cluster of Child Deaths in Day Care Settings

Between the spring of 2016 and fall of 2017, nine children died in home-based child care settings, marking the highest number of child care center deaths in Connecticut in more than 20 years, according to a new report from the Office of the Child Advocate… Read More