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Misdiagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in Adult Patients

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Aug 07, 2012 in Failure To Diagnose

Connecticut residents dealing with unrelenting symptoms may wish to consult multiple medical providers. A second, third, or even fourth opinion can help patients determine whether misdiagnosis is the reason their symptoms have not gone away with treatment.

If you or someone you love is misdiagnosed and injured as a result, do not hesitate to contact our trusted New Haven medical malpractice lawyers for qualified legal help. 

Of course, some diseases are more difficult to diagnose than others and result in more misdiagnoses. Type 1 diabetes is one such disease. Most commonly found in children and adolescents, doctors often diagnose adults showing symptoms of Type 1 diabetes with Type 2 diabetes instead, which occurs in adults more often than Type 1.

When patients are misdiagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, they are advised to treat their disease by making lifestyle changes, such as improving diet and exercise, and taking a medication. This treatment differs substantially from that of patients diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, which relies upon regular insulin injections. As treatments for Type 2 diabetes are not effective for treating Type 1, mistreating the disease can result in patients struggling to find relief from symptoms. 

One woman experienced the negative effects of misdiagnosis for several years. Now 44, for 3 ½ years she drastically changed her diet and increased her exercise but her symptoms continued. She consulted three doctors before a fourth doctor finally asked her a series of questions about her health history and then correctly diagnosed her with Type 1 diabetes. With this new diagnosis, she followed a new treatment plan and felt better in just several weeks.

The woman states, "Nobody should have to go to four doctors to get a diagnosis for something that isn't that difficult to diagnose." While now healthy and able to live a complete life, for several years her life was very limited by her misdiagnosed disease. The woman could have a valid personal injury claim against the doctors that wrongfully diagnosed her. If you have been misdiagnosed by your doctor contact one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Connecticut today to find out your legal options.

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