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Waterbury teen charged in fatal car accident

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Sep 07, 2012 in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents are often among the worst types of accidents, particularly if injury is involved. A hit-and-run incident can easily turn into a fatal accident if an injured person does not receive prompt medical attention, which is why it is so important for motorists to stay at the scene if they are involved in an accident.

An 18-year-old male driver struck a 90-year-old female pedestrian in Waterbury, Connecticut, on the evening of Aug. 18. The accident occurred at the intersection of Highland and Bradley avenues. Members of the driver's family have confirmed that he was not wearing his glasses at the time of the accident and that it was raining. The driver left the scene of the Waterbury car accident without calling for medical or police assistance, but turned himself in on Aug. 23.

The victim had wandered out of her home in the early hours of Aug. 18 and had been suffering from the onset of dementia. Those caring for the victim were all asleep when she left the home.

The teen is charged with one count of evading responsibility, a felony, with the potential for even more charges pending investigation of the event.

Unfortunately in this case, the driver chose to ignore his responsibilities, instead leaving the elderly woman to die. What Connecticut residents should know, is that the family of a victim of a fatal car accident may be able to sue a negligent driver for damages based on the wrongful death of their relative. A Waterbury car accident lawyer understands the many laws and policies surrounding claims of wrongful death can help a family seek compensation for damages or loss and begin to move forward without worrying about expenses or lost income in the immediate future.

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