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Couple files lawsuit against doctors for death of their baby

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Oct 17, 2012 in Birth Injuries

Giving birth can be an exciting and miraculous event in any Connecticut parent's life. It can also be stressful and frightening for many who do not know what to expect. We trust doctors and nurses with the care of the baby during a delivery, and every parent should be able to expect that they will have a healthy newborn. However, there are times when a careless mistake or negligent physician results in a birth injury, or sadly a fatality.

While these situations are undoubtedly tragic and devastating, it is important for parents who find themselves in this position to realize that they are not alone. There are also options in taking legal action against the negligent hospital or physician who contributed to the injury or death during the birth process.

One couple is taking such action against a hospital, a medical group and two physicians after their baby died in the mother's birth canal. According to their lawsuit, extreme levels of negligence contributed to and caused the fatal accident and the couple wants the appropriate parties punished for their horrendous care during the birth.

The tragedy unfolded when the doctor who was going to deliver the baby ignored the request from another doctor to deliver the baby by Cesarean section. The baby's abdomen was too large to deliver vaginally, according to the first doctor. However, the delivery doctor refused to perform the Cesarean section and insisted on a vaginal birth.

During the birth, the baby's large abdomen got stuck in the woman's birth canal, though the head was out. The doctor then performed a string of atrocious acts that included applying traction to the baby's head which was then separated from the cervical spine, killing the baby. The doctor then started to perform an emergency Cesarean section before the mother was even sedated.

The trauma and devastation that this couple endured at the hands of the physicians will never be erased or undone. However, the couple has filed their medical malpractice lawsuit in order to hold the negligent people accountable so that other parents may not have to go through this same nightmare. And although there is no amount of money that can replace their baby, a financial settlement may make it just a little bit easier for the couple to recover from this senseless tragedy. If you think you have a malpractice lawsuit contact one of our Waterbury personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

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