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Man named in 15 paternity suits, 14 requests for child support

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Oct 25, 2012 in Child Support

Many parents in Connecticut are committed to taking care of their children, whether they have custody of them or not, in the form of child support. Most parents make their payments on time and in full so that they can make sure they are contributing, at least financially, to a child's wellbeing. However, not every parent takes this responsibility seriously.

Too often, a parent is delinquent in this duty to pay child support. They may think they can get away with it by moving away, changing their name or simply ignoring the situation. However, the consequences for failing to make these payments can be quite serious. Not only are there criminal and legal repercussions, but the effect non-payment has on a child can be devastating.

There are times when the process of going after a person for child support can be challenging. Family laws are not always clear and they may not work the exact same way for each situation. This is why it can be important to consult an attorney if you are in the process of trying to collect payment from a negligent parent.

This is exactly what nine women recently did. They filed a total of 15 paternity lawsuits against a man who they each believe fathered their children. Further, they claim he owes them almost $80,000 in unpaid child support for at least 14 of those children.

In 2002, the man changed his name which could have made it difficult to track him down and hold him financially responsible for his children. However, with the help of Internet communities and technology, the man was tracked down and arrested. He was sentenced to more than 60 days in jail for each of 11 counts of contempt, but a judge suspended this jail time and put him on a payment plan to clear his child support debt. If he fails to make these payments, he could wind up back in jail.

It can be very difficult for a parent to track down a non-paying parent and collect payment alone. With legal support and resources, an attorney can help parents through this challenging process so that they can secure the financial support they need for their children.

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