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Former NFL player has visitation rights suspended

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Nov 08, 2012 in Child Custody

Being in disagreement with a parent or court regarding child custody situations can feel very isolating. Many parents in Connecticut may not be satisfied with a custodial arrangement that does not allow them a sufficient amount of time with and access to a child they love very much. However, parents who try to take matters into their own hands and interfere with visitation or child custody may be making a very big mistake.

Recently, a former NFL player was charged with parental kidnapping after he failed to return his son to the mother after a scheduled weekend visit. The parents have been involved in a custody dispute and the father decided to try and keep his 11-year-old son with him instead of sharing physical custody with the boy's mother.

Reports suggest that the father and son traveled through six states together in a month before he was found. During this time, the son posted a video to YouTube explaining that he was safe and happy and wanted to be with his dad. Despite this statement, the man was ultimately charged with unlawful retention of a child by a parent and has had his existing visitation rights suspended indefinitely.

While parents can get very frustrated during the legal process to determine child custody, taking the matter out of the court's hands and into your own can prove to be a disastrous decision. Violating the terms of a child custody or visitation arrangement is an offense that is taken very seriously. When a child is not returned at the agreed-upon time, that child's safety and wellbeing is immediately considered to be in jeopardy.

Keeping a child safe and making sure he or she is given as much stability and consistency as possible is crucial in determining child custody. When a parent strays from his or her role and scheduled time with a child, it can have a serious impact on the existing custodial arrangement. Instead of taking this kind of risk, parents who wish to modify the terms of an arrangement should speak with an attorney to pursue these modifications legally.

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