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Motorcycle crashes in Connecticut are often fatal

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Nov 09, 2012 in Motorcycle Accidents

Advocates for motorcycle safety have long been focused on educating drivers about the rights that motorcyclists have on the road. They have also spent many resources on reminding drivers to simply pay attention and appropriately acknowledge the presence of these small vehicles. However, in too many news stories and reports involving a crash between a motorcycle and a vehicle, drivers will often say they never even saw the biker before the motorcycle accident. If you have been injured in a Waterbury motorcycle accident contact a Waterbury personal injury lawyer at D’Amico & Pettinicchi today for a free consultation. 

People who ride motorcycles in Connecticut have every right to be on the road, and they should be able to have the same expectations of safety that other motorists have. For example, drivers must be attentive at intersections where motorcycle crashes are common. They should also be given a safe amount of space on highways and cars should not cut them off abruptly. Even when trying to avoid an accident, a motorcyclist can be seriously injured. When a car driver fails to recognize this, a rider's life may be at stake.

Many accident reports indicate a similar series of events. A motorist makes a turn or fails to stop at an intersection where a motorcyclist also is driving. Failing to take note of the biker, the driver of the car often barrels into the much smaller bike and seriously hurts the rider.

Sadly, many motorcyclists are killed or permanently injured in these types of crashes. One Connecticut rider was one of the recent victims of this very type of incident. He was traveling north on his bike when a southbound vehicle ahead of him suddenly turned left, directly in the path of the motorcyclist. Unable to avoid the impact, the motorcyclist hit the car and was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The driver of the car suffered no injuries.

Motorcycle riders are among the most vulnerable people on the road. While riders can choose to wear helmets, gloves and other types of protective gear, a motorcycle itself offers little protection in the event of an accident. Drivers need to remember this as they share the roads with bikers. One reckless move or distracted lane change can permanently change or end an innocent person's life.

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