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Who is at fault in a Connecticut fatal drunk driving accident?

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Nov 15, 2012 in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Accidents caused by a drunk driver are completely preventable. An intoxicated person can choose to not drive and put others in danger. Victims of these kinds of accidents, however, can do little in the way of avoiding these crashes because drunk drivers are unpredictable and reckless. Therefore, it can be crucial for victims and their families to take action against these drivers if a drunk driver causes a serious accident or wrongful death.

One thing that Connecticut residents may not be aware of is who may be held liable for a drunk driving accident. Of course the intoxicated driver is typically named in a lawsuit after a crash, but are there other parties who can be held liable for contributing to the tragedy as well?

In this state and many others, "dram shop" laws are in effect which means that a bar or similar establishment that serves an obviously intoxicated driver can also be cited for a crash that the driver causes after leaving. Recently, the family of one man did just this after he was killed by a drunk driver who had just left an area bar.

According to reports, the drunk driver had been drinking at a bar and requested a "to-go" cup when he was heading out. The bartender filled up a cup with alcohol and sent the man on his way. Ten minutes later, the driver was behind the wheel when he drove onto a sidewalk and killed the man who was walking along the road.

The victim's family claims that bar irresponsibly served the visibly intoxicated man and then even allowed him to take a cup of liquor out with him. They are requesting compensation from the bar for wrongful death, costs associated with medical treatment and burial and the future economic loss they will experience. The victim left behind a wife and son, so they lawsuit also requests compensation for their loss of companionship.

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