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New Waves of Infections from Contaminated Steroids Suggest Incubation Period Longer than Expected

Posted by Brendan Faulkner of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Dec 11, 2012 in Medical Malpractice

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported waves of new infections from contaminated steroids made by the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Massachusetts.  The infections that are the subject of the report consist primarily of spinal abscesses which have not developed into fungal meningitis, but could if left untreated.

These newly reported infections (23 from Tennessee and 37 in Michigan) are of particular concern because they are appearing up to 5 months after the patients received their injections.  Previously, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state officials had indicated that the incubation period for infections from the contaminated steroids would end in mid- to late-November.

According to the CDC, the contaminated steroids have led to 36 deaths and sickened another 541 people in 19 states.

The New England Compounding Center closed down after more than 17,500 vials of its contaminated steroid injection were recalled by the FDA in early October.

Several lawsuits have been filed on behalf of those exposed to the tainted steroids, and a motion has been filed to centralize the cases as part of a multi-district litigation.  A criminal investigation has also been launched.

Fungal Meningitis Attorney

If you or a loved one received a spinal steroid injection and are suffering with meningitis, you may have a claim against the compounding facility that distributed the injections.

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