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Are states getting complacent in traffic safety laws?

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jan 22, 2013 in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

It should be a good thing when reports indicate that fatal car accidents across the country have declined for nearly the past decade. However, steady declines in car accident rates have made state lawmakers complacent, according to a report from Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.

Deaths caused in New Haven car accidents have increased for the first time in several years. In fact, the number of fatal car accidents jumped more than 7 percent during the first part of 2012, which is the highest increase since 1975. The troubling trend has many wondering if years of decreased accidents have given a false sense of security to lawmakers and law enforcement officials.

Not all states have been as active in enacting traffic laws as Connecticut. For example, drivers in this state understand that there is a ban on the use of a handheld phone while driving, as well as a ban on texting and driving. Unfortunately, other states have not been as eager to pass such measures. In 2010, there were 22 traffic safety laws passed in state governments. Last year, there were just 10 that were passed.

The fact that traffic fatalities were down for so long has many people falsely believing that there may not be a need to stay focused on safety on the roads and behind the wheel. The reality, however, is that dangerous drivers are a consistent threat. From getting distracted to not wearing a seat belt, many drivers continue to engage in reckless actions while they are driving. Hopefully, the past year of traffic fatalities will not be ignored. It is important for all motorists to be kept safe while driving, and whether that means increased marketing campaigns or carefully adopted laws remains to be seen.

What is known is that negligent driving behaviors can lead to devastating and fatal car accidents in any state. There is no way to undo or repair the damage that can be caused when a loved one is killed in an accident. No one deserves to go through the grief and pain of losing loved one in a car accident. However, family members can hold the reckless party responsible for the accident so that he or she will hopefully not make the same mistake again.

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