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Man seriously burned after tractor-trailer crash

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jan 18, 2013 in Truck Accidents

People generally understand that they have a responsibility to drive safely on the road. As we have discussed on this blog numerous times, too many times people in Connecticut and nationwide fail to take this responsibility seriously and engage in dangerous driving behaviors. This can be reckless enough when a person is driving a car, but when the driver of an enormous semi truck is negligent behind the wheel, the resulting accidents can be devastating.

In an accident involving only cars, people are typically injured, but there may be fewer catastrophic injuries or fatalities. When a large commercial-sized vehicle is involved, however, the weight and power of the automobile can multiply the damage that is done. This is why it may be more crucial for truck drivers to drive safely and avoid getting into an accident.

Falling asleep behind the wheel or driving while drowsy is always a dangerous situation and people should avoid doing this at all costs. But while cars can do a certain amount of damage if the driver loses control, trucks can be even more destructive when the driver falls asleep.

Recently, for example, a commercial driver got into a serious truck accident that left him with burns on 60 percent of his body. Police suspect that the crash happened after the trucker either fell asleep or suffered a medical condition, causing him to veer off the road. After the driver lost control of his rig, he hit another truck parked on the side of the road before smashing through the guardrail on the highway. The truck barreled off the road and into the woods. During the crash, the gas tanks on his truck were punctured and the entire truck and the driver were engulfed in flames. He survived the crash, but is still in critical condition.

This type of devastation is not uncommon when a large semi truck is involved. This is why it is vital for truck operators and owners to comply with state and federal regulations that limit the number of hours a person can drive and ensure that the truck is maintained properly and drivers are trained appropriately. Without this compliance, people can suffer serious personal injuries or even be killed in a truck accident.

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