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University of Connecticut player involved in fatal car crash

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Feb 26, 2013 in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

In the wake of a serious car accident, there are often more questions than answers. People want to know what went wrong, who was at fault and what the extent of damage actually is. News stories offer little more than preliminary and scarce details, but at the root of an accident are people who have been hurt or killed. If you have been injured in a car accident and you're looking for an experienced New Haven car accident lawyer contact D'Amico & Pettinicchi today to find out your legal options. 

It can be very difficult to recover from a crash, but for those who have lost someone in a fatal car accident, recovery can seem impossible. When a car accident takes the life of someone, the circumstances of the accident must be closely investigated. A recent crash involving a running back for the University of Connecticut is currently under such an investigation after a 74-year-old man was killed

According to reports, the UConn player was a passenger in a vehicle that was traveling on a two-lane highway. The driver of the vehicle in which he was riding was reportedly trying to pass another car, and was traveling in the oncoming lane of traffic to do so. Before the driver could get back over into the proper lane, the 22-year-old driver smashed almost head-on into an oncoming Buick.

The driver of the Buick was tragically killed in the accident. The other driver was hospitalized and is in critical condition, while the passenger is listed in serious condition. His future career in college football has been questioned due to his injuries.

While there are speculations about how and why the accident took place, it will take a thorough investigation to know for sure. For the victims of the accident and their families, the answers cannot come soon enough. Victims of car accidents and their families are often very scared and vulnerable after a crash so it can be important to work with a Connecticut personal injury attorney who can worry about the legal aspects of an accident so that they focus on recovery.

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