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Man reunited with pet bird five years after losing it in divorce

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Apr 23, 2013 in Divorce Mediation

When people think of dividing assets in a divorce, they generally think about splitting up properties, bank accounts, investments, cash and even art collections. Dividing these things can already be difficult enough for couples in Connecticut, even though there may be no emotional connection to any of these assets. When emotions over a particular asset get tangled up in the process, however, it can make the property division process much more challenging.

In Connecticut and all other states, family pets are legally considered to be property. Unfortunately, this is often not how pet owners typically think of a pet. In fact, most of us would think that a beloved animal is much more similar to a child than a car, for example. But like other items that are considered property, a judge will often step in and determine who will get a pet in the divorce. Sadly, many people end up separated from their pet because they end up losing it to a spouse in a divorce.

One man lost his pet macaw in his divorce five years ago and says he has been looking for the bird ever since. According to sources, his wife was given the bird during their bitter split and then sold it not long after. Recently, however, the man and his bird were reunited after the man's friend happened to see the bird at an exotic bird sanctuary.

The friend reportedly told the man that he had found the 25-year-old bird. The owner, excited to locate the bird after his ex sold it, was able to convince sanctuary workers that he was the bird's original owner and identified a number of characteristics unique to the bird. The macaw also recognized the man right away and the two were reunited.

Losing a pet to a spouse in a divorce can be very difficult, especially when an ex may not have the same relationship with the animal. Because so many people share a special bond with a companion pet, deciding who keeps it in a divorce can be a particularly contentious debate. However, with legal representation a person get help in negotiating a fair and agreeable solution to determine who will care for a pet after a divorce.

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