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Trial date set for fatigued trucker involved in fatal accident

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Apr 04, 2013 in Truck Accidents

One of the most basic things that people understand when they get behind the wheel is that they are supposed to be safe, alert and focused while they drive. And people who drive for a living likely understand these responsibilities better than anyone else. Unfortunately, many of the drivers who should know these things are among those who violate state and federal regulations more than anyone else.

For example, truck drivers in Connecticut and nationwide are expected to comply with certain laws that mandate commercial driving restrictions. They receive special licenses, training and oversight as a part of their job, but still many of them choose to violate certain laws and skirt the rules in order to make more money and get some place faster. Often times, these violations consist of driving for too many hours without rest.

Truckers are supposed comply with federal laws that regulate how many hours they can be behind the wheel. Depending on the type of vehicle and the cargo that a truck is carrying, a driver can only be driving for a certain amount of consecutive hours before he or she must take a break. Break periods are also regulated and are intended to ensure drivers are getting enough rest before getting back on the road. Drivers who choose to violate these laws end up driving while fatigued and putting other motorists in serious danger.

One family was recently killed by a fatigued truck driver. The horrific accident happened on an Interstate highway when a trucker smashed into the back of a man's car. The car then hit a second car, in which the man's wife, two children and unborn son were riding. Occupants in both cars were killed in the crash.

An investigation into the devastating accident indicated that the truck driver was fatigued and had been driving for too many hours when he caused the crash. It is likely that the trucker's logbooks were scrutinized as a part of the investigation. Authorities may also have looked at the black box inside the truck, which records information on speed, braking and engine performance. They may have also collected information from radio recordings and looked into the driver's qualifications and performance history. The trucker is now facing criminal charges of manslaughter and homicide.

Source: Fremont Tribune, "Trial date set for trucker charged in Neb. crash," April 3, 2013

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