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Connecticut dad owing $15K in support nabbed after a year

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on May 09, 2013 in Child Support

Avoiding child support payments is almost never a smart option. For Connecticut parents who are having trouble meeting their obligations, they should let an attorney know. The attorney could prepare a case to make before a judge for modifying the amount of payments. 

One Connecticut father has learned this lesson the hard way. He was recently arrested after being sought by police for approximately one year. His unpaid child support tab had reportedly topped $15,000.

According to reports, the man was located after police noticed a story in a Connecticut newspaper highlighting the man's efforts to lead his local chapter of the NAACP. 

In court, the man told the judge that he doesn't make enough money from his computer repair business to meet his child support obligations. But the judge noted that the man had failed to even make one court-ordered payment of $20 per week during the last 20 months. The man's pleas that he had to pay his bills first were not appreciated by the judge, because it was noted that the man has failed to appear to court six times. 

It's sad that the man's struggle has to end up this way, but it could be argued that he did it to himself. He should have spoken up the minute he noticed that he was going to have problems meeting his obligations. Perhaps appearing in court with an attorney early on could have helped him escape jail. Now he has to stay in prison until he comes up with enough money to begin paying off what he owes to his children. 

Source: Connecticut Post, "Deadbeat dad finally caught," Daniel Tepfer, April 24, 2013

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