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Jury Awards Woman $3.7 Million After Mother's Nursing Home Death

Posted by Brendan Faulkner of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on May 09, 2013 in Nursing Home Abuse

When our Connecticut readers have to place a loved one in a nursing home facility, they expect that person to get the best possible care. No one would knowingly send a loved one to a nursing home if they knew that their family member would receive substandard care. 

A jury in another state has stood up for one woman, granting her a large judgment after they determined that a sad case of nursing home neglect led to her mother's death. 

The woman had sent her 88-year-old mother to the Belmont Lodge Health Care Center for what was supposed to be a temporary stay because she had broken her ankles. Instead, the woman was killed after she developed a urinary tract infection that spread into her bloodstream. 

The woman's daughter says that the nursing home failed to monitor the catheter that her mother had. According to an internal document from the nursing home, the woman went 22 hours in between checks from nurses. The daughter also said that employees lied in filling out documents stating that the mother had been properly cared for. 

The jury awarded the woman $3.7 million in damages. The woman's daughter has said that she wants to spread the word about avoiding that nursing home. She says she worries that other residents have been receiving poor care in the two years since her mother died.  

Hopefully the large judgment will send a message to the nursing home that this kind of behavior does not pay off. Unfortunately for the victim's daughter that message came at a terrible price.

In the event that a loved one from your family becomes the victim of nursing home abuse, you may like to consider contacting a Waterbury injury lawyer to review the details of the incident. A reputable, licensed lawyer can help to determine if there are grounds to file a damages lawsuit and if so, guide you through the legal process of recovering compensation.

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