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Victims of Connecticut truck accident awarded $15.7 million

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on May 23, 2013 in Truck Accidents

People all across Connecticut may have heard of the tragic and fatal accident that occurred in 2007 on Interstate 95. It was truly a devastating scenario that involved a speeding truck and five other vehicles and ended with injuries and fatalities. For the past few years, the victims of the truck accident and their families have been waiting to learn if they would be awarded any compensation for their pain and suffering. 

Recently, the injured parties and family members of the two people who were killed learned that they would receive $15.7 million from the trucking company that owned the tractor trailer involved in the crash. The ruling was announced after a jury determined that the trucking company was completely at fault for the accident that devastated so many lives.

According to reports, a large truck carrying 7,000 gallons of fuel was speeding down I-95 when the trucker lost control of the vehicle. The big rig crossed over the median on the highway, crashed into the guardrail and smashed into five cars before coming to a stop. 

Two people, including the truck driver, were killed in the accident. Those who survived suffered a variety of serious injuries including broken bones, back injuries, internal injuries and even post-traumatic stress disorder. 

An investigation was launched and it was determined that the accident could have been prevented had the trucking company complied with state and federal laws that govern truck maintenance. Authorities discovered that three of the four brakes on the truck were improperly adjusted, which should have put the truck out of service and off the road. Had this occurred, the accident may never have happened. The jury determined that the trucking company acted with recklessness and negligence and would therefore be responsible for paying $15.7 million to the injured victims and the families of those who were killed in the crash.

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Source: Connecticut Law Tribune, "Trucking Company To Pay $15.7 Million Verdict In Wake Of Fatal Crash," April 30, 2013

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