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Gallery owners make divorce look picture perfect

Posted by Reed Kloc of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jul 05, 2013 in High Asset Divorce

Ending a marriage is never easy, but there are some couples who certainly make it look that way. Couples across Connecticut may be used to hearing about how vicious and bitter divorces can be, especially when two people are very wealthy or famous, but the fact is that not all divorces are quite this explosive. 

Some couples who get divorced are able to do so amicably and in such a way that their lives are not completely disrupted. This can be extremely beneficial for both spouses, including those who are going through a high-asset divorce. 

One such couple recently announced that they have decided to end their marriage. The split could have turned quite ugly, considering the fact that they both work for the same highly-profitable art gallery. But according to reports, the divorce is quite amicable. In fact, the husband and wife will continue to work at the gallery together after the divorce, and they are both working with the same attorney throughout the process. 

It is likely that there will be a number of agreements that will need to be developed. Properties and their substantial assets will have to be divided, as will each person's custody of their two children. Hopefully, the fact that they are dedicated to divorcing amicably will help speed the process along and make it a little easier to get through. Other couples who are in a similar position know that there is a lot stake in these high-asset divorces. Many couples have to deal with splitting up complex estates, multiple properties, significant investments and business ownerships which can be a very difficult and complicated situation. However, folks can work with an attorney in order to make the transition out of a marriage more smooth.

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