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Man injured in jet ski accident

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jul 24, 2013 in Boating Accidents

People often behave a little differently behind the wheel of a watercraft than they would if they were behind the wheel of a car. They may take more risks, be a little less attentive and make some reckless decisions on the water because of the perception that it is okay to do these things in a boat. However, these behaviors can be just as dangerous on the water as the are on the road.

And it is not just those behind the wheel of a speedboat, pontoon or fishing boat that are creating a hazard. Operators of Jet Skis are also often seen behaving recklessly and putting other people in danger. While they may be smaller pieces of equipment, these personal watercrafts can still cause some serious damage if they are not operated properly. 

Recently, a man was injured by his Jet Ski after reportedly operating it in an unsafe manner on the Connecticut River. Witnesses say that the 21-year-old operator of the Jet Ski was driving recklessly and jumping waves when he lost control of the watercraft. His head struck the Jet Ski after he had jumped a large wave and he was temporarily unconscious. Someone in another boat was able to rescue him and he was brought to the hospital for medical attention. He was then charged with negligent operation of a boat.

This type of accident is not uncommon. Reckless operation of a watercraft can be extremely dangerous, but many people continue to take chances on the water. In this case, it is fortunate that no one else was injured as a result of this man's actions. However, other victims of boating accidents in Connecticut are not so lucky. Many of them suffer serious injuries or end up drowning after a crash on the water. No matter what type of craft is involved in a crash, it can be very dangerous if it is operated by a reckless or negligent party. 

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