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Ric Flair explains reasons behind delinquent alimony payments

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jul 31, 2013 in Alimony

Being legally obligated to make spousal support payments is a financial burden that many people in Connecticut have dealt with. A judge will often order one person to make these payments for a period of time to an ex-spouse . Often, these alimony payments are intended to make the financial transition from being married to single a little easier for the spouse who may otherwise be faced with hardships and a lower standard of living.

In many cases, the person ordered to pay alimony feels it is unfair. But whether or not it seems unfair, it is crucial that a spouse make these payments in full and on time. Otherwise, he or she can be facing some serious consequences. Recently, pro wrestler Ric Flair had a warrant out for his arrest because of failure to pay spousal support.

Unlike others who fail to pay alimony, Flair was not set out to miss his payments on purpose, nor did he have any intention to hurt his ex by not paying her the $32,000 he owed. In fact, it appears as though his reasons for missing the payments had less to do with his ex and more to do with his son.

Flair's son passed away earlier this year in a drug-related incident. This trauma was bad enough, but Flair then spent a month in the hospital recovering from a blood clot. Unable to work and shaken by his son's death, Flair admittedly missed the payments to his ex. It is reported that Flair has every intention of paying the balance he owes in spousal support, which covers about eight months of missed payments. 

This is a strong example of how seriously the courts take alimony payments. Even the death of a child and a medical emergency may not good enough reasons to justify falling behind. But with the help of an attorney, people who are ordered to alimony can work to negotiate a fair payment plan in order to avoid missing payments. 

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