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Is Brendan Fraser just acting like he cannot afford alimony?

Posted by Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Aug 20, 2013 in Alimony

There may be no more contentious experience for exes than fighting over spousal support. While one person may feel justified in requesting and collecting the payments, the other can generally feel as though it is unnecessary and unfair. Many times, these arguments consist of some ugly words and accusations hurled between exes.

But spousal support is determined using information outside of these emotional pleas and allegations. In order to make determinations related to alimony in Connecticut, a judge will generally look at hard facts, including income levels, prenuptial agreements and other data. This is what a Connecticut court is likely looking into after actor Brendan Fraser claimed that he simply cannot afford his alimony payments to his ex.

According to reports, Fraser has stated that his current required alimony payments of $50,000 are simply too high. He says that his professional career has suffered in recent years, which has greatly affected his earning potential and regular paychecks. Because of this, the actor requested that a Connecticut court approve a reduction in his payments.

However, Fraser's ex-wife disputes his claims that he does not have the money to make his support payments. She argues that he still makes more than $3 million a year and is reportedly worth about $25 million. These figures, she says, make it clear that Fraser can certainly afford the payments. It will be up to the courts to sort through the facts and figure out a legally appropriate solution. 

It is not uncommon for people to dispute alimony arrangements. The paying spouse often feels that the payments are unnecessary, too high or go on for too long. Meanwhile, the spouse receiving the payments may feel frustrated by late or partial payments and the lengths to which he or she must go in order to get the financial support they deserve. In either case, it can be crucial for people to speak with a family law attorney to protect their financial interests in the wake of a divorce.  

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