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Connecticut truck crash injures five people

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Sep 18, 2013 in Truck Accidents

Connecticut police are continuing to investigate a Sept. 11 accident that sent five people in two vehicles to hospitals. The accident involved a flatbed truck and a Subaru.

Connecticut State Troopers said the flatbed truck driver lost control of his vehicle as it was traveling north on Highway 188, also known as Quaker Farms Road in Oxford. It crossed into the southbound lane and crashed into the Subaru. They are describing the car accident as "very serious." Two people in the flatbed truck were hurt as were three occupants, including two children, of the Subaru. Their mother was driving the car. One child, 3, sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized for treatment.

Troopers have not said if the truck driver's speed was a factor in the accident. Residents along Quaker Farms Road, however, say that motorists on this road frequently drive over the posted speed limit. They called for drivers to be more cautious on this stretch, and suggested the State Patrol set up a speed trap as a means of slowing drivers down.

Accidents involving a truck and passenger car almost always have serious consequences for occupants of the car. Passenger cars are smaller and less able to absorb the impact of truck hitting them. When a truck driver causes an accident, occupants of the passenger car may be eligible for financial compensation if they were injured. Damages can include medical expenses and lost wages if injuries prevented victims from working. A Waterbury personal injury attorney may be able to cut down on the trauma accident victims experience by putting together their claims to the insurance company. He may gather police reports, photos and medical reports to include in their claims.