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Elderly Woman Killed While Crossing Street

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Oct 11, 2013 in Car Accidents

Connecticut residents who visit New Jersey may wish to know that an 88-year-old woman was killed in a traffic accident in Atlantic City. Although it is unclear exactly what caused her death, a taxi driver who left the scene has been charged for his involvement and sentenced to five years in state prison. During the court proceedings, the judge explained that the ruling would be based on whether the man was involved in the fatal accident and left the scene intentionally.

According to the taxi driver, the victim fell while crossing the street. Afterwards, she was struck by a jitney and killed. His defense attorney argued that because the man did not hit the victim, he was not legally obligated to stop at the scene of the fatal accident. After the accident occurred, the man kept driving for three hours before police pulled him over.

In a statement, the man's defense attorney worried about the precedent that the judge's ruling would set. He believes that the ruling could mean that, in the future, any person who witnesses a fatal accident without stopping would become responsible for the death. The taxi driver plans to take his case to the appeals court and has offered words of condolence to the victim's family.

No matter what is determined by the court, the victim's family will have a hard time understanding how any driver could have left the scene. In the critical moments after an accident occurs, it is imperative that witnesses make an attempt to alert medical personnel. After a fatal accident, the victim's family may choose to contact a licensed personal injury lawyer who might assist them in seeking compensation from the person or people at fault by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: CT Post, "Cab driver sentenced for leaving fatal crash scene", October 06, 2013