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Pickup hits School Bus in Connecticut

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Oct 04, 2013 in Car Accidents

A Ford F-150 pickup truck ran into the side of a Canton school bus and remained partially lodged there, requiring rescue crews to extricate the truck's driver. Fortunately, the motor vehicle accident did not result in any life-threatening injuries, although the 34-year-old pickup driver needed to be airlifted for treatment. A toddler in the truck was transported to an area hospital. The local police chief said that it looked like everyone involved in the accident would be okay.

The 13 students on the bus were taken to school on a different bus, two of them having suffered only minor injuries. The 63-year-old driver of this bus was unhurt. One parent whose son had boarded the bus just minutes before the crash said that it was a horrible accident and that he hoped that the occupants of the pickup truck were all right. The exact reasons for the crash were not reported.

Fire and police officials were still investigated the accident, which forced the closure of the entire street for more than an hour. An estimated dozen volunteer firefighters and EMTs responded to the call, along with six other agencies. The captain of the local volunteer firefighter brigade stated that the town's police, fire and EMS workers showed great professionalism in how they worked together.

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