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Connecticut Man Receives Fine in Fatal 2010 Crash

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Dec 12, 2013 in Car Accidents

A man from New Haven has been fined in a fatal crash case that has taken more than three years to come to an end. The family of the victim will also receive a civil suit settlement agreed to by attorneys for both parties after a lengthy mediation.

The New Haven car accident occurred June 7, 2010 on Route 34. The 43-year-old victim, a mother of two minor children, was driving west in a Toyota Corolla. Her car was involved in a collision with a Toyota truck driven by a man, also 43, heading eastbound on the same road. The accident killed the woman instantly, and the driver of the truck was seriously injured. The victim's mother died two years after the accident, and the victim's sister died of cancer in June of 2012. The civil case was focused on the needs of the victim's surviving young daughters.

The criminal case ended with the accused driver pleading no contest in a plea deal to charges of failure to drive right and reckless driving, resulting in the fine. The no contest plea means that the accused driver does not admit wrongdoing but also does not dispute the charges, which were lowered because he agreed to the plea deal. The initial charges would have included negligent homicide.

The attorney for the accused negligent driver pointed out that his client would have has a potentially lengthy jail time if the original charges were brought, and they had not plead down to lower charges and settled the civil suit. In the case of a fatal accident where the victim's family is left with unusual hardship, it may be best left to an New Haven personal injury attorney to help negotiate an appropriate settlement.