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Nissan Owners Notified of Recall on Stalling Issue in 2013 NV200s

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Dec 06, 2013 in Car Accidents

Connecticut drivers of Nissan's crossover vehicle the NV200 should be aware that the North America arm of the company issued a recall on more than 2,500 of its 2013 models. Concerns over possible motor vehicle accidents due to the NV200 stalling in traffic led to the move, which affects NV200s built in 2013 between February and August, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported. At the heart of the malfunction was a battery terminal fuse, which could blow under certain engine conditions.

A Nissan spokesperson reassured owners of the recalled vehicles that no accidents or injuries had been associated with the malfunctioning part. The company's concern was that the wiring harness connecting part of the fuse to the battery terminal could lose its protective coating, which would allow the bare wires to touch the metal bracket holding the fuse. That could cause a short circuit and the battery terminal fuse to blow. In that event, the fuel pump would stop and stall the engine, the NHTSA said, which could cause an accident if it occurred during moving traffic conditions.

Starting in mid-December, owners of NV200s who are covered in the recall will be notified by Nissan, and they will be able to visit their dealer for a repair of the wiring harness issue. Mechanics were being instructed by the automaker to reposition the harness and then put on a new protective coating, Nissan representatives said.

Although Nissan worked with the NHTSA to alert owners in this case, some negligent manufacturers may allow car accidents to happen because of faulty equipment. In the event of a car crash because of a defective auto part, a Waterbury injury attorney may be a valuable asset in the courtroom when it comes time to seek compensation for medical expenses and property damage.

Source: Auto World News, "Nissan Recall: 2,500 2013 NV200 Vehicles called back stalling issues", Matt Mercuro, December 02, 2013