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1970s music icons file for divorce

Posted By Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jan 28, 2014 in Divorce Mediation

Though they sang "Love Will Keep Us Together," The Captain and Tennille are headed toward divorce. The 1970s Grammy-award winning artists have retired to Arizona, but their songs have been loved by many in Connecticut. As they got older, they started to grow apart, according to their website.

Though they are former pop stars, their divorce will likely be very similar to most people's in Connecticut. Like The Captain and Tennille, divorcing couples in Connecticut will need to negotiate over who will get what of the marital estate. They will need to divide the property equitably, so as to not favor one person over the other. While neither The Captain nor Tennille are seeking spousal support, that may be a factor Connecticut couples need to consider as they go through their own divorce process.

After 38 years together and a successful career as husband and wife, The Captain and Tennille are giving no indication that their divorce is anything but amicable. While some Connecticut couples are incapable of separating without extreme mental anguish and bitterness, many couples seek a more cordial approach to divorce through mediation.

Even if a couple chooses to mediate, it does not mean that they should proceed without divorce lawyers. Mediation can still be emotionally draining and trying to do it without a lawyer could lead to mistakes, errors and resentment later on. Instead, using a lawyer, even in an amicable environment, helps to ensure that the divorce is done correctly and that nothing is overlooked.

Again, while it is unclear how The Captain and Tennille are proceeding with their divorce, it appears that they remain on relatively good terms.

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