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It Can Be Deadly for Teenagers to Ride With a Drunk Driver

Posted On behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jan 15, 2014 in Car Accidents

Although most adults in Connecticut know that riding in the car with an intoxicated driver is dangerous, it seems that not all teenagers do. Unfortunately, this past summer, there were a number of fatal drunk driving accidents that took the lives of teenagers. The teenagers trusted their drunk friends to get them home, but those friends ended up causing very serious accidents.

It is no surprise that driving while drunk is dangerous. Not only does alcohol slow one's reaction times, but it also impairs judgment, which means that drivers are more likely to try risky maneuvers that they would otherwise know to avoid while sober. For teenage drunk drivers, the risk may be even greater, as they don't have the amount of experience driving that an adult might.

Many of the drunk drivers responsible for causing these fatal accidents have been arrested and criminally charged. A criminal charge may not be enough, however, for parents grieving the loss of their child. Moreover, a criminal conviction may be difficult to get, especially with the high standard with which a prosecutor must prove guilt. This is one reason why many parents and surviving family members will file wrongful death lawsuits following a fatal accident.

A wrongful death lawsuit can't bring a family member back to life, but it can help to hold a reckless or negligent driver responsible for his or her poor decisions. It can give family members the feeling that their loved ones have received justice after being taken too soon. A reputable Waterbury injury lawyer can help to review the details of a collision and determine if there are sufficient grounds for the family of the victim to file a damages claim.

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