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Passenger Killed When South Windsor Man Drives Into Tree

Posted On behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Feb 26, 2014 in Car Accidents

Three young men were out for a late-night drive in South Windsor earlier this month when a terrible crash left at least one man dead. The report of the fatal car accident, broken by NBC Connecticut, is still somewhat unclear. Though the story reports only three people in the vehicle, it also lists two people dying and two people taken to the hospital with injuries. Regardless of how many people were killed, the fact that they were passengers in a 24-year-old South Windsor man's car mean their family members can file wrongful death lawsuits, should they wish to do so.

A wrongful death lawsuit certainly won't bring a loved one back to life, nor will the monetary compensation make up for the loss of life. Wrongful death lawsuits are less about money and more about forcing negligent or reckless drivers to account for their actions to grieving Connecticut families. For some families, a lawsuit is an important part in getting justice for the deceased individual. A personal injury lawyer can help to review the details of the incident and determine if this is an option.

The three or four men, all in their 20s and all from South Windsor, were riding in a car driven by the 24-year-old in the early morning hours. Though the story by NBC Connecticut does not say what happened, the driver's car struck a tree in the lawn of a volunteer fire fighter.

Though the firefighter ran to the scene of the crash, calling for emergency medical services, at least one person died in the crash. The impact must have been quite severe, as it took the fire department around 40 minutes to free the passengers and driver.

Sadly, despite their best efforts, emergency responders were unable to save at least one of the passenger's lives.