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Single-car accident in Hartford under investigation

Posted On behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Feb 03, 2014 in Car Accidents

Our blog has covered numerous car accident stories, most of which involved at least two vehicles. We have talked at length about how when two cars collide and one driver is at fault, the other driver can sue for personal injuries or wrongful death. This is not, however, the only kind of car crash. There are numerous single-car accidents, some of which are not the driver's fault. There are other single-car accidents where it is the driver's fault, but that does not preclude passengers from seeking compensation from a negligent driver.

Though Hartford police are still investigating a single-car accident that happened late last week, it is possible that the injured passenger could file a personal injury lawsuit and the family of the passenger that was killed could file a wrongful death lawsuit. If there is evidence that the driver was negligent, careless or reckless, the plaintiffs may be able to get the compensation they need to heal and move forward.

The accident happened in the early morning hours on a Saturday. The driver approached the intersection of Capen and Main streets in Hartford when he smashed into a building. Again, it is not entirely clear what happened, whether the driver was intoxicated or if anything else contributed to the crash.

Unfortunately, a female passenger was injured in the crash and a male passenger was killed.

Although most people in Hartford think of lawsuits following car crashes as those in which two ore more vehicles are involved, a single-vehicle accident does not preclude recovery. If you are injured in a single car accident, a reputable New Haven personal injury lawyer will be able to help explain if you have grounds to file a claim.