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Connecticut Car Crash Leads to Traffic Charge

Posted On behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Apr 13, 2014 in Car Accidents

In the recent weeks, a school bus was involved in a multi-vehicle crash. Connecticut authorities charged one of the drivers, claiming that she is the cause of the car crash. The motorist was charged with reckless driving.

According to reports, the accident happened on a recent Thursday afternoon. Upon a preliminary investigation, authorities believe that the collision occurred when a van stopped in the road to wait for an SUV to make its turn. A 20-year-old woman, who was driving behind the van, did not come to a stop. Instead, the woman reportedly made a split decision to abruptly swerve, which caused her to strike the back of the van.

The impact caused the van to collide with the SUV that was in front of it. Before the woman's vehicle came to a complete stop, she crashed into a school bus broadside, which caused the bus to collide with another vehicle. A teenager who was on the bus sustained injuries and was transported to the hospital. Authorities charged the driver who caused the accident with reckless driving.

A car crash is typically burdensome, especially for victims who have suffered injuries. The teen who was injured in this accident may be forced to miss time from school while rehabilitating from injuries. In spite of the traffic charge, the driver may have other legal woes ahead of her in a civil courtroom. The teen may wish to pursue a personal injury claim against the driver to recoup damages suffered from her driving behavior. The civil court system in Connecticut may award damages if evidence proves that the driver operated in a negligent manner that caused injuries. An experienced injury attorney may be able to help those looking to explore the possibility of filing a damages claim.

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