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Connecticut Motorcyclist Dies in Bike Wreck

Posted On behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on May 22, 2014 in Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are becoming a common trend in Connecticut and throughout the United States. These accidents commonly cause severe injuries and, in some instances, death. When the results of a bike wreck are fatal, emotions can become overwhelming for Connecticut families. A motorcyclist was killed in a recent Sunday morning crash when his motorcycle was struck by another motorist.

Authorities arrived at the scene of an accident that occurred between a motorcycle and a vehicle. Upon a preliminary investigation, authorities determined that the accident unfolded when the motorist crashed into the motorcyclist from the back. Medics arrived to the area and started treating the motorcyclist at the scene. He was eventually transported to the hospital where he later died from a traumatic injury.

Authorities shut down the road for hours as the scene was apparently investigated. Officials are still investigating the matter and are requesting more information about the crash from the public. No other information regarding the accident has been reported.

When a bike wreck is fatal, the victim's surviving family typically tries to make some sense out of what happened. In this case, there may be questions about how the driver struck the motorcycle from behind in the first place and what their legal recourse may be. As the investigation continues, the surviving family members may wish to bring about a wrongful death claim against the driver in a Connecticut courtroom as an appropriate legal remedy. Although the suit will not fix irreparable damage, it could at least bring about well-deserved financial relief. A reputable injury lawyer in New Haven may be able to assist with these efforts.