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Connecticut motorcyclist dies in fatal accident

Posted On behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on May 15, 2014 in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Tragically, motorcycle accidents occur far too often on our Connecticut roadways, as one recent case shows. This fatal accident has claimed the life of a 73-year-old man. The driver was arrested and placed in a Connecticut jail facility. He was charged with multiple criminal offenses.

The accident happened on a recent Sunday morning. According to reports, the driver of a vehicle crashed with a motorcyclist. Medics arrived at the scene and transported the motorcyclist to the hospital where he was declared dead. Authorities closed down the road while an investigation was conducted. The driver was charged with negligent homicide with a motor vehicle and manslaughter by vehicle.

He was also charged with driving under the influence and drug possession. The driver has since been released on a $100,000 bond. In the near future, the driver is expected to have a court appearance. Authorities are still investigating this incident.

Depending on the outcome of this continuing investigation, the responsible driver may have to face civil litigation in a Connecticut courtroom. When death occurs as a result of an accident, the surviving family members are left to grieve the sudden loss of their loved one, and they may want to explore their legal options. A wrongful death claim against the responsible driver on behalf of the deceased victim's estate may be an appropriate remedy to recoup damages. Compensatory damages may be awarded if well-documented evidence proves that the accused driver was negligent in a manner that caused or contributed to the fatal accident that resulted.

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