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Middle School Student on Bicycle Dies in Accident

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Aug 09, 2014 in Pedestrian Accidents

Much of the time motor vehicles and individuals walking or on bicycles, interact without an issue. When their paths do cross however the outcome can be devastating. A Connecticut community is dealing with that now.

A 7th grader was killed after he was struck by a box truck. At the time of the collision the boy was riding his bicycle. Though the boy, who was riding with a group of children, survived the accident, he later died at the hospital where he had been transported for treatment.

The road where the collision occurred is described as a busy street. The issue is so bad that authorities even tried to reroute traffic during the evening commute, via detours. Those who reside in the area indicate that individuals driving on the street generally maintain the posted speed limit.

At this point the cause of the accident is not clear. As is the case in many crashes such as this one it is possible that the driver of the box truck did not see the boy on his bike. Though the truck driver has not been charged with a crime in connection with the crash that individuals could still find him or herself involved in a legal case. The parents of the child could decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver and his or her employer.

The loss of a loved one in a crash is always tragic. It is that much more difficult to handle when the person who died is a child. While there is nothing that can be undone to undo the fatal accident, should the family go ahead with a lawsuit, any compensation recovered in a successful case could help the boy’s family move forward with their lives.